Our Infant Program nurtures and guides children as they begin the journey of becoming lifelong learners.

3 - 18 months

Our Infant Program is designed to duplicate the loving care and stimulation that an infant needs to grow and develop. Our seasoned and nurturing staff provide personalized care including recognizing developmental milestones in order to support the learning opportunities of each child. We provide a safe, rich world full of opportunities for active exploration and enjoyment through hearing, feeling, touching, and moving.

Flexible scheduling allows each child to eat, sleep, or play according to his or her own natural timetable. Our classroom invites children to develop independence, confidence, and a sense of community through activities that promote motor skills, mobility, order and self-expression.

We work hard at developing close relationships with parents through an open door policy and frequent communication. To foster our partnership, we communicate with you daily so that you know about your infant’s progress and of his or her day.